20170429_185207Hello there! This is Lisa the creator of GeekGirlFinds and head Geek. I am a total nerd/geek girl with a mix of fashionista.  I am so excited when I am able to mix these traits together.  My husband and I are also avid collectors of Funko Pop Figures and other action figurines.  We collect items ranging from comic book characters, movies characters, popular tv characters and cultural icons. Combined we have many interests and we LOVE finding new products, toys, interesting finds, jewelry and clothing that match our interests and sharing them with our friends online and in real life.  To put it plainly we have the coolest house on the block.  On top of all of our nerdiness we also  love to try new health and beauty items as well.  We love anything organic, handmade and locally sourced.  We are huge supporters of startups and love help getting the word out about new items on the market.  That is also why we love the new subscription box craze.  We find it gives us a opportunity to try things we have never heard of and share our experiences with the online community as well as family and friends.

Recently I have started doing reviews for a few organizations that you will see in my posts.  One of the sites I do product reviews for is Smiley360.  If you want to check them out please click on this link http://h5.sml360.com/-/2p8tt .  Influenster is another great resource for my makeup babes out there.  They have new opportunities all the time to test new products for reviews. Here is a  link for them: www.influenster.com/r/2510719. Crowdtap is one other site you might want to look into.  You do surveys and win opportunities to test and review new products hitting the market. Find them here: www.crowdtap.com

If you are a business that would like us to check out what you are doing and what you are selling please reach out to us. We would love to review your products and get to know you and share your passion with the world.  If you are here to find out about new products and get information please let us know how you like our posts and how you feel about the products/items as well!

We are geared up  so bring it on people!!! Please also folow me on Twitter @geekgirlfinds and Instagram @geekgirlfinds


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