Watch our “International Delight One Touch Latte via Crowdtap” Review on YouTube               This weekend we were lucky enough to be able to try the new International Delight One Touch Latte for free via Crowdtap and International Delight. The deal was we had to give a unbiased review about the product. Let me first comment on what a fun product it was to use. They way the product shoots out of the can made me scream the first time we used it! I was sure it was going to go everywhere..but it didn’t. The trick is to only fill your cup 2/3 of the way to give it room to do it’s thing. I also want to comment on how nice it is to make a latte at home with no fancy equipment. This is simple fast and easy and gives me a coffee shop style latte without leaving home and saves me tons of money. The product is very reasonably priced and has the ability to make 7 lattes in one canister. We tried the Caramel flavor and it was not too sweet and super creamy (I hate that word..ugh). It was just right in every way. Anyways we will be purchasing this again because my husband said we can’t live without it now. So if you get a chance get yourself a can. They are in the dairy section with all the other creamers. Let us know what you think! 

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