Dunkin Donuts Coffee & Creamer

We got to try the new Dunkin Donuts coffee creamer this weekend and let me say it is perfect.                                           Now let me say first off I got to try it for free for a fair and unbiased review for Crowdtap. We got coupons to try Dunkin Donuts ground coffee for at home brewing and a coupon for the new Dunkin Donuts creamer (flavor of our choosing).  We got a medium roast blend and the caramel flavored creamer.                                               Coffee at home during our big weekend breakfasts has become a ritual over the last year. It is a great time to sit and reconnect with each other.  As far as brewing coffee we use a french press and this coffee did beautifully in it. Great flavor, aroma and taste. The Dunkin Donuts creamer flavored with caramel was delightful. Some flavored creamers in my opinion are too sweet or artificial tasting. Not this one, It was just right.  We are definitely fans now and love that we can get that great Dunkin Donuts taste right here at home away from the hustle and bustle.  We will be purchasing other flavors soon to try out as well and I am sure they won’t dissapoint.  Thanks for letting us be in the trial Crowdtap and Dunkin Donuts and keep up the good work!

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