Dreamin of Dream Crates…Installment 3

magical life As many of you know Loot Crate recently put out the challenge for us subscription box addicts to come up with the “Perfect” crate we would love to receive.  We were told the sky is the limit.  I have posted 2 ideas so far that me and my husband/partner in crime came up with.  This is the 3rd installment in our ever growing list of ideas.  This is a fun project for sure!

So our theme idea for a “Dream Crate” is MAGICAL LIFE or it could be called FANTASY LIFE.  Which ever floats your boat.  Our heads were definitely feeling in the realm of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them while dreaming this one up.


We were thinking a replica of the famed “Sorting Hat” I mean who would not want one of these?  I suppose maybe this would not be the cheapest thing to put in a box or cost effective but this is my dream so this is want I want. Perhaps cost wise there is a clever way to make this into a hoodie with a large hood?  Maybe?sorting hat


I had seen a few versions of this necklace online and I know I would want one for sure.harrypotterglasses

Enamel Pin:

Seems like all subscription boxes we get come with pretty cool enamel pins so I would like to have a NIMBUS2000 pin.  I have yet to see that in a box. nimbus2000

Figurine 1:

I think a QFig of the Thunderbird from Fantastic Beasts would be awesome.  I think they could come up with a pretty cool one.thunderfantasticbeasts

Figurine 2:

Yes.. a second figurine.  This is my DREAM CRATE after all.  I would LOVE to have Funko make a POP figure of Dumbledore’s phoenix.  I am not sure if anyone has done this yet and I am convinced it would be so well done by the FUNKO team. phoexni

So anyways these are my thoughts and ideas on this project.  What would your “Dream Crate” be?  What would be inside it? Theme?  Let the team at Loot Crate know.  Leave some details in the comment section or put out your ideas on social media and tag them.  Who knows they could go with your idea and maybe you could see your “Dream Crate” dreams come true.  Your imagination is your only limitation.

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