Dreamin of Dream Crates…Idea 2


What if you could build your own “Dream” subscription mystery crate?  What would the theme be? What products would be featured?  This was a project we heard that the folks at Loot Crate the creators of the amazing  mystery subscription box  service were wanting input on and we thought what a fun opportunity!  You can think big and dream big they said.  This is our second installment in our “Dream Crate” series of blog posts.

2nd Dream Crate:

Theme: Marvel vs Dc comics.  Or you could just call it a Versus crate.



Batman vs Wolverinebatmanvswolverine


Wonder Woman vs Collosus.  Now I am not sure who would make a good figure for this.  Maybe the Q fig guys can come up with something.  What a epic battle that would be!  Here is some inspiration.


Poster or Artwork:

Images of a epic showdown between Marvel and Dc characters.  I would think this would look best using a poster size. Example:


Wearable or usable items:

We were thinking an Arcade vs Joker coffee mug or perhaps socks.  The socks could have one character from the battle on each side.  It would be awesome to see these two going at it!  You could have foot wars with yourself.

Bonus fun item:

A lanyard with alternating DC and Marvel symbols with VS between them. Maybe a lasso of truth?

Anyways we thought these would definitely be fun items to receive in a “Dream Crate”.  We will have another installment of some other things we dreamed up later today or tomorrow.  Check out Loot Crate and their amazing  mystery subscription box programs they already have.  If you think of any awesome Dream Crate ideas leave some messages in the comments or reach out to them and share your thoughts. Loot Crate is encouraging people to join in this activity and share their ideas so have fun with it.  Have a great one and see ya soon!

Lisa Graham aka Geek Girl Finds

Instagram: @Geekgirlfinds

Twitter: @GeekFirlfinds

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