Dreamin of Dream Crates…


Imagine if you had the ability to put together a crate with all of your favorite items from games, movies, and books. What would you include? Would you keep things realistic or embrace a fantasy aspect? That’s what Loot Crate is looking to find out. The mystery subscription box for geeks and fans alike wants to see what people would do if they could build a Dream Crate filled with their favorite items.

I heard about the details of this project yesterday and I thought what a great challenge!  I talked with my husband about this idea and immediately our brains were overwhelmed with the possibilities.  So after about 3 hours of brainstorming and drinks we came up with some really good ideas. (At least we think so)  We will be featuring these ideas in separate blog posts over the next few days.

And now without further ado our first idea is:


Theme: Space Invasion

Items ideas to be included in our “Dream Box”

  1. Loot Crate exclusive Funko Pop figure of the Alien from the upcoming new Alien Covenant movie. If a pop figure is not a possibility we are open to any other type of vinyl or die cast Alien. alien__covenant_poster_1970_by_scpmaniac34-d9h3op9
  2. T-Shirt featuring Batman vs Aliens.batmanvsaliens
  3. Enamel pin with a Face Hugger from the Aliens movie.  Facehugger-Kidrobot
  4. Q Fig action figure of the Predator.  Either the old image or maybe something from the upcoming movie.
  5. Space Invaders lanyard or socks.
  6. A mock up of the computer device the Predator wears on his arm.  Similar to the plasma blade letter opener Loot Crate did in one of the Halo crates.predatorarmdevice

I feel like this would be a pretty respectable subscription crate.  It has something that appeals to all universes of our geekdom.  I will  be posting new blog posts about the other ideas our brains churned up over the next 72 hours.  I feel if I post them all in one post it gets confusing and it is too much overload of thoughts. I encourage all of you to dream up your perfect “Dream Crate” you would like to get from Loot Crate and let them know about it.  See ya soon and have a great day!!!!

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