Pink Hair Don’t Care

I have been wanting to dye my hair cotton candy pink for the longest time.  Now I have done pink in the past but usually I do small sections like in the back or a random streak.  This time I wanted to go full out wild crazy lady pink.  I chose the cotton candy pink from Manic Panic.  From my research online it seemed like this would be the best color to use for the easy fading transition.  I know my hair is not known for holding reds or pinks so I needed to pick a color that while fading out would not look terrible, like a green or blue.  I think those look awful as they fade.

I started with bleaching my roots.  My roots were an ashy blonde but I needed to go to a paler blonde to achieve the desired effect.  When doing this you definitely want to start with the lightest hair possible.  Think of it like starting with a blank piece of paper. I used the Wella Color Charm bleach with level 20 Clairol developer.  Bleaching my hair always causes me high amounts of stress.  I am TERRIFIED of all of my hair falling out.  I honestly recommend people going to a reputable salon to at least get the bleaching part done. I have made errors in the past with not so great brands and picking the wrong level of developer. I find the Wella brand is the most gentle amd my hair is not brassy afterwards. I left the bleach in my hair for maybe 20 minutes then rinsed in warm water and deep conditioned for 30 minutes with the Burt’s Bees 2 minute deep conditioner.  It is incredible! My hair was so soft considering the chemical hell I had just subjected it to. Now I had a clean palete to apply color to. I poured the cotton candy pink in the bowl and added just a dime size amount of Scruples hot pink as well. Then I added 3 table spoons of the conditioner I mentioned above.  I did this to stretch the amount of hair color I had to work with and to sort of pastelize the color.  There is nothing worse than running out of color when you are almost done.  I have developed little tips and tricks over the years to stretch that color out. Then I applied to my hair starting at the top with a color brush and then I worked it through to the ends thoroughly saturating my hair.  Also I really rub it into my hair by grabbing sections and massaging it into the strands.  Once I was done with that I let it sit for an hour and 15 minutes.  I had my husband check my hair and we noticed some sections in the back where somehow there was not a lot of pink so with his help we got those sections covered and then I sat again and waited for ANOTHER hour.  We actually watched that new movie Moonlight during this part of the process.  It was really good.  Sorry I got sidetracked…allright,moving along.  I then rinsed with cold water. Cold water is key.  Warm water is the enemy for brightly colored hair.  Now if you need to fade it quickly because it is brighter than anticipated then by all means use hot water.  Anyways I rinsed and applied some argan oil and my usual curly hair products (Deva Curl) and air dried. The finished product is in the photo above.  If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know. Thanks for reading!!

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