Eat Well Be Well

boxRecently I was lucky enough to be chosen by Influenter to try out a Vox box with a theme called “Eat Well Be Well”. The box contained some interesting new options for eating healthier.  I was pretty stoked since it was the beginning of the new year and I was working on making SERIOUS changes to my lifestyle and eating habits.  My health has declined over the last year and made it hard for me to move around a lot.  You know what happens when you can’t move a lot?  You gain a TON of weight!!   So the timing of this box showing up on my door step could not have been better.


I used to work in a higher end food store and I had seen these brands before but I was always afraid that they would have no flavor.  Boy was I wrong!  The first product I tried was actually in the box.  It was the Glutino gluten-free pretzel twists.  I popped open the bag to munch on while going through the box when it arrived.  Man where these good!  The texture and taste on the outside was like a “normal” pretzel but the inside was hollow, like it was filled with air.  Seemed strange at first but I got past it.  I also tried these with peanut butter and hummus.  Not at the same time mind you because that would be gross, but it paired really well with those two dipping options.  I never thought much about the whole gluten-free fad but I will say since I have been giving it a whirl lately to see if that change in my diet could calm some of my intestinal issues and it seems to be working.  It could all be in my head but I am for sure having less gut pain.  I have purchased these a few times since I got the sample just to have something quick and not super unhealthy to munch on around the house.


Inside the box there was a journal, recipe cards and coupons to try other items featured for this particular box.  The coupons were for the Udi’s brand, Evol and Earth Balance.  You got to get a free product from each brand line to try and give a honest opinion about.  The next product I tried was the Evol Brand frozen entrée’.  I chose the chicken enchilada bake because that seemed to be everyone’s favorite that I asked about in person and online.  Let me tell you they were not lying!  It was low in calorie, super filling and tasted really good.  I tried another one on my own and it was the truffle macaroni the only thing I can say bad about that one is when you cook it in the microwave it has a odd smell.  Maybe it’s the truffle, not sure but the taste was awesome.  That might be my new favorite.


The next item I tried was the Udi’s brand personal pizza.  It was good.  I definitely  liked the crust, it was very light and crispy.  The toppings were nice as well. The heating instructions were easy to follow, one hint though if your oven runs a little hot make sure to take it out a few minutes sooner than the instructions suggest.  It reminded me of a healthier version of those cheap pizzas that cost around a dollar in the frozen section at the grocery store. I won’t name names but you know what I am talking about.


The last item I got to try which was probably my favorite was the Earth Balance Omega-3 spread.  It is a non dairy, vegan options for those non meat eaters out there.  I did like the fact that it was completely plant based.  The consistency was a lot like real butter and just as hard to spread on toast as real butter. The first time you taste it there is a initial strange taste but I quickly got past that and did not mind it at all.  I also sautéed some mushrooms for dinner one evening with it and they came out beautifully and tasted amazing.  This is one of the products I will definitely be restocking in my fridge once I run out.

I am such a rebel I sautéed the mushrooms in a vegan spread to put on top of my steak!  It was delicious so don’t judge me. 


All in all this was a pretty cool experience and I am glad I got to be a part of this box from Influenster.  It was a great opportunity to be able to try brands that I might have overlooked in the store or had pre-conceived notions about.  Next time your at the store give some of these brands a try and let me know what your favorite is!!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to Eat Well and Be Well in this new year!!

*I was able to try all of these products for free by being a member of for a unbiased review.  All views contained in this blog are from my own experience.


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