I admit it… I have a problem




A little over two years ago my husband and I started collecting Funko Pop! figures.  It started out innocently enough.  He had brought home a Drew Brees vinyl Pop figure.  He had always said they were ridiculous but it was Drew Brees and my husband is a avid Saint’s fan so of course he had to get it.  Right?  Sports logic and team allegiance is something that is lost on me.  So here we were with one of these “RIDICULOUS” Pop figures and we were looking at it and it was just so FREAKING cute!  This was the beginning of a Funko Pop collection that has encompassed our lives since.

So we started researching the figures and discovered they featured so many other Pop culture genres that we love.  And most importantly that I love. I mean they have everything from characters from your favorite movies, TV shows to throwback cartoons from when we were kids!  This was something we both could get behind and this is where it got dangerous.bloodynegan1

Next thing you know we are scouring stores and websites like crack addicts for hard to find figures, exclusives and “Chase”items.  Shaking down employees at retailers like Hot Topic, Boxed Lunch, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Target. Sometimes lurking outside the doors of stores before they open like we are casing the joint.  I am sure we seemed and still seem like scary people to these poor retailers.  There are times we might as well of had flashlights in their faces like stormtroopers asking questions like, “When is your next shipment?”, “Are you sure you have not seen these Pop Figures?”, “Are you hiding them in the back?”, “The website says you have them!!”.   These poor millennial retail workers are probably thinking who are these grown adults and what has gotten in to them?  We are in our early 40’s, we are not little kids. I also suspect our own kids think we have lost our minds but they are nice and just smile and nod when we show them our new finds.  Oh the shame.. but the thrill of the hunt is awesome!

So now his “Man Cave” has become a room to showcase the glories of these hunts and obsessions.  We have shelves stacked high to the ceiling and it is pretty cool.  Now the fever has spread to my “Home office/Woman cave”.  We subscribe to subscription boxes powered by Funko (the evil creators of these 3 inch vinyl devils) such as Legion of Collectors and Smugglers Bounty.  We also subscribe to other boxes where there could be a chance of getting a exclusive Funko Pop figures such as Loot Crate,  they are a  good subscription service that satisfies our insane needs.  Funko also carries other lines such as the Dorbz ,Plushies, ReAction, Wacky Wobblers and they are just as fun to collect!

Smugglers Bounty Box
Legion of Collectors Box


We recently started utilizing  www.poppriceguide.com.  It is a great resource to create a record of your current collection and see which ones are valued highest and how they are performing in the collector market. It is truly crazy how quickly the value of a figure can jump up based on what happens in the shows we watch or what happens in the world.  I am constantly shocked and amazed at the amount of other people who are just as insane as us.  It makes me feel better about this addiction.  There are resources and communities of us insane vinyl addicts everywhere!  We are in  groups on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.  I have  not even attempted to look into Pintrest, my mind might be officially blown.


Funko the company behind these little cuties is the coolest company ever.  They really interact with us fanatics and always run fun contests and ask the communities opinion on what to make next, they even have a pod cast now.  I really like that they actually listen unlike so many other companies.

All in all the way I look at it is we could be into way worse things.  We could be drug addicts, gamblers etc.  I will say this, I feel like it is a good thing for us to have a shared interest and it makes us closer.  So next time you are out and about and you happen to see one of these fun collectables you should check it out.  Who knows they might have something that you are into and they are actually a great investment. Some of these guys go for thousands of dollars.  But be warned these little figures get into your blood and hearts and you to could end up just like us.  But hey, there are worse things right?  Right? RIGHT???????

See below for pics of some of our collection:



4 thoughts on “I admit it… I have a problem

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  1. You guys have an absolutely fantastic collection and this was a great post. I’m riding the Funko wave right now and trying not to buy them all, and you’re inspiring me to at least follow a character theme and not purchase every single one I see. Thanks for sharing xoxox


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