Now that the holidays are over…..


I hope everyone is doing well.  Phew am I glad the stress of the season is past us!  I don’t know about you but the kids, cooking, shopping, parties and dealing with families sure takes a toll on our sense of Zen and inner peace.  Time to relax and de-stress!!!

Shortly before the full swing of the holidays drove me to being an insane person I had a opportunity to try these bath bombs from TheNerdyBombshell’s shop via Etsy.  These fizzy balls of endless moisture got me through some rough moments.   Jenn the shop owner makes bath bombs and other goodies with comic book type themes and they are to die for!  Another thing I really like about this particular seller is she is committed to using earth friendly, sustainable and cruelty free products.  This is a concept all us Fan Girls can get behind!!

I was able to try the Suicide Squad inspired bath bombs in “The Joker” and “Harley Quinn”.  The Joker one is scented in “Puddin”.  The Harley Quinn inspired one is scented in “Bubblegum” .  Both smell awesome and I even got my husband to try one and he jokingly said, ” You girls get all the best stuff!”.  All joking aside he is now sneaking my bath bombs and I might have to start hiding my supply.



So if you are a Fan Girl or in my husbands case a Fan Boy and you need to de-stress while reading your favorite comic book please head on over to TheNerdyBombshell’s Etsy shop and give her products a try.  Trust me your skin will thank you and so will your pocket book.  The prices are very fair for what you get.

Also on a side note these bath bombs break down so much better than others I have tried AND my tub was not destroyed afterwards.  I mean who wants to scrub a tub after a relaxing bath?

You can also follow Jenn on Instagram

Great packaging!  Everything was bubble wrapped.

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