Fan Girl Jewelry Finds!

So recently I stumbled upon a image of the “Lucille” baseball bat in the form of a necklace online. I am a HUGE AMC The Walking Dead fan so of course I lost my mind and knew it had to be mine. I was so afraid it would be a “prototype” and it would never end up in my hot little hands. Soooo.. I did some investigating and my internet sleuthing paid off! I found it on

“Lucille, Lucille, Lucille..” Necklace and pendant found at

While I was there I also found a treasure trove of other lovely shiny things I must have of course. I discovered that they are a woman owned business and they collaborate with pop culture icons to create and design amazing jewelry so us Fan Girls can look gorgeous. They currently are featuring designs from The Walking Dead, Star Wars and Disney. It is my understanding that new collaborations are coming with other popular franchises. The company also has other items such as their BEAUTIFUL chokers which are so popular right now. So back to me… I received the “Lucille” necklace in the mail about 5 days after ordering. I was so torn about which to choose because the gold was gorgeous but I had decided on the silver. Decisions decisions. Any who I opened the package and inside was a protective bubble wrap pouch around a little black silk drawstring bag with the company logo on it. I am a sucker for packaging and presentation and what made it oh so special to me was a handwritten post it note with a thank you. Ahh the little touches that make you just smile and you feel like a well loved customer, it gets me in the feels every time. Well needless to say when I opened the little black bag with the necklace I was so happy! 🙂 The necklace had great weight to it and the detail was superb. This is not a cheaply made piece of jewelry. I wore it all Halloween weekend to several parties and it was a hit! Everyone loved it and of course wanted to know how to get their own. So hurry up guys and get over to the site and claim one for yourself. What are you still doing here? I said go, don’t make me pull out Lucille.

Lovely thank you note!


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