Watch “Comicpalooza 2017 Round Up and Haul!” on YouTube

Here are some pics and a YouTube breakdown of our first Comicpalooza convention here in Houston, Texas. It was so much fun and did not dissapoint! We are officially hooked and will be back next year for sure. We got to meet Sam Jones from Flash Gordon and Ted 1 and 2. We also got lay our eyes on Robert Englund and a bunch of cast from The Walking Dead oh and my boyfriend Opie from Sons of Anarchy! Great shopping and awesome cosplay characters. 

Watch our “International Delight One Touch Latte via Crowdtap” Review on YouTube               This weekend we were lucky enough to be able to try the new International Delight One Touch Latte for free via Crowdtap and International Delight. The deal was we had to give a unbiased review about the product. Let me first comment on what a fun product it was to use. They way the product shoots out of the can made me scream the first time we used it! I was sure it was going to go everywhere..but it didn’t. The trick is to only fill your cup 2/3 of the way to give it room to do it’s thing. I also want to comment on how nice it is to make a latte at home with no fancy equipment. This is simple fast and easy and gives me a coffee shop style latte without leaving home and saves me tons of money. The product is very reasonably priced and has the ability to make 7 lattes in one canister. We tried the Caramel flavor and it was not too sweet and super creamy (I hate that word..ugh). It was just right in every way. Anyways we will be purchasing this again because my husband said we can’t live without it now. So if you get a chance get yourself a can. They are in the dairy section with all the other creamers. Let us know what you think! 

Subscription Box Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is fast approaching and of course we are all panicking and wondering what do we give to honor our mother’s on this special day? Some Mom’s are pretty hard to shop for and really what more do they need since they have us as awesome kids…right? As wonderful as we all think we are, trust me our Mom’s like gifts showing our appreciation (even if they say don’t spend your money on me…I have all I need). This article has some good ideas about some subscription box services that might be right up your mothers alley. I mean who doesn’t want a gift that just keeps reappearing every month with cool new things to check out? Also you won’t be running around in crowded stores panicking like everyone else. Hope this article helps!

Dunkin Donuts Coffee & Creamer

We got to try the new Dunkin Donuts coffee creamer this weekend and let me say it is perfect.                                           Now let me say first off I got to try it for free for a fair and unbiased review for Crowdtap. We got coupons to try Dunkin Donuts ground coffee for at home brewing and a coupon for the new Dunkin Donuts creamer (flavor of our choosing).  We got a medium roast blend and the caramel flavored creamer.                                               Coffee at home during our big weekend breakfasts has become a ritual over the last year. It is a great time to sit and reconnect with each other.  As far as brewing coffee we use a french press and this coffee did beautifully in it. Great flavor, aroma and taste. The Dunkin Donuts creamer flavored with caramel was delightful. Some flavored creamers in my opinion are too sweet or artificial tasting. Not this one, It was just right.  We are definitely fans now and love that we can get that great Dunkin Donuts taste right here at home away from the hustle and bustle.  We will be purchasing other flavors soon to try out as well and I am sure they won’t dissapoint.  Thanks for letting us be in the trial Crowdtap and Dunkin Donuts and keep up the good work!

Watch “ Unboxing Arm & Hammer Simply Saline” on YouTube

It has been a week or so since trying this and I can say it  definitely has helped with keeping my sinuses moderately cleared.  I am not saying it is a miracle or the end all of other products you might need as a allergy sufferer.  It does what it says it does.  Clears  your nasal passages of all the pollen and gunk that can happen to get up there during the day and make your night miserable.  If your nasal passages are irritated from constant blowing of your snout…it will help keep them slightly more moisturized.  The other nice thing about this product is it is non-addictive and has really simple ingredients.

I did get to try this product for free for a fair and unbiased review from .  If you would like more information on this product and how you can try other products for free please follow this link.


Dreamin of Dream Crates…Installment 3

magical life As many of you know Loot Crate recently put out the challenge for us subscription box addicts to come up with the “Perfect” crate we would love to receive.  We were told the sky is the limit.  I have posted 2 ideas so far that me and my husband/partner in crime came up with.  This is the 3rd installment in our ever growing list of ideas.  This is a fun project for sure!

So our theme idea for a “Dream Crate” is MAGICAL LIFE or it could be called FANTASY LIFE.  Which ever floats your boat.  Our heads were definitely feeling in the realm of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them while dreaming this one up.


We were thinking a replica of the famed “Sorting Hat” I mean who would not want one of these?  I suppose maybe this would not be the cheapest thing to put in a box or cost effective but this is my dream so this is want I want. Perhaps cost wise there is a clever way to make this into a hoodie with a large hood?  Maybe?sorting hat


I had seen a few versions of this necklace online and I know I would want one for sure.harrypotterglasses

Enamel Pin:

Seems like all subscription boxes we get come with pretty cool enamel pins so I would like to have a NIMBUS2000 pin.  I have yet to see that in a box. nimbus2000

Figurine 1:

I think a QFig of the Thunderbird from Fantastic Beasts would be awesome.  I think they could come up with a pretty cool one.thunderfantasticbeasts

Figurine 2:

Yes.. a second figurine.  This is my DREAM CRATE after all.  I would LOVE to have Funko make a POP figure of Dumbledore’s phoenix.  I am not sure if anyone has done this yet and I am convinced it would be so well done by the FUNKO team. phoexni

So anyways these are my thoughts and ideas on this project.  What would your “Dream Crate” be?  What would be inside it? Theme?  Let the team at Loot Crate know.  Leave some details in the comment section or put out your ideas on social media and tag them.  Who knows they could go with your idea and maybe you could see your “Dream Crate” dreams come true.  Your imagination is your only limitation.

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Dreamin of Dream Crates…Idea 2


What if you could build your own “Dream” subscription mystery crate?  What would the theme be? What products would be featured?  This was a project we heard that the folks at Loot Crate the creators of the amazing  mystery subscription box  service were wanting input on and we thought what a fun opportunity!  You can think big and dream big they said.  This is our second installment in our “Dream Crate” series of blog posts.

2nd Dream Crate:

Theme: Marvel vs Dc comics.  Or you could just call it a Versus crate.



Batman vs Wolverinebatmanvswolverine


Wonder Woman vs Collosus.  Now I am not sure who would make a good figure for this.  Maybe the Q fig guys can come up with something.  What a epic battle that would be!  Here is some inspiration.


Poster or Artwork:

Images of a epic showdown between Marvel and Dc characters.  I would think this would look best using a poster size. Example:


Wearable or usable items:

We were thinking an Arcade vs Joker coffee mug or perhaps socks.  The socks could have one character from the battle on each side.  It would be awesome to see these two going at it!  You could have foot wars with yourself.

Bonus fun item:

A lanyard with alternating DC and Marvel symbols with VS between them. Maybe a lasso of truth?

Anyways we thought these would definitely be fun items to receive in a “Dream Crate”.  We will have another installment of some other things we dreamed up later today or tomorrow.  Check out Loot Crate and their amazing  mystery subscription box programs they already have.  If you think of any awesome Dream Crate ideas leave some messages in the comments or reach out to them and share your thoughts. Loot Crate is encouraging people to join in this activity and share their ideas so have fun with it.  Have a great one and see ya soon!

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