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Caperci Oval Initial Pendant Necklace

I love this cute initial necklace! I got this for a friend as a gift and it is sooo cute and well done. The design is good and is comparable to some more expensive options I have seen out there. If you are looking for a gift for a young girl/teen I think this would be a hit for sure!
Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out:

The company is also on Facebook, I have bought a few pieces from them recently and I have not been disappointed once.

The details:
♣Personalized Initial alphabet C necklace featuring a transparent oval with inlaid small brilliant AAA cubic zirconia stones, and slightly-movable locked-in rose gold tone cubic zirconia embellished initial “C”
♣All the alphabet letter C necklace made by Eco-friendly platinum plated brass & AAA grade clear cubic zirconias, not harmful for your health
❄Packaging upgrade❄ Comes with a luxury jewelry gift box. A versatile piece for your lover, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter or friend on Christmas Day, wedding, anniversary, birthday or A special day!
♣Measurements – chain circumference: 16 in, extender length: 2 in, pendant height: 1.18 in (3cm), width: 0.98 in(2.5cm), thickness: 0.2 in (0.5cm), weight: 0.41oz, Lobster claw clasp
♣Buy with Confidence – 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee & 1-year product warranty against defective manufacturing and components

Caperci Jewelry Black Friday Deals

This is one of my favorite jewelry brands that I purchase from on Amazon. They are having some great holiday deals right now. Check the links below to view.
1. Black Friday Deal! Caperci Engraved “MOM” 1ct AAA Cubic Zirconia 14K Gold Plated Twist Necklace in Sterling Silver. 35% off from $28.99 to $18.84 with code 4NGKKZBF at Sentimental Gift for Mom!
2. Black Friday Deal! Caperci Created Blue Sapphire Cupid’s Arrow Heart Pendant Necklace. 46% off from $29.99 to $16.19 with code C4DJ6224 at
3. Black Friday Deal! Caperci Created Blue & White Pavé Set Sapphire “X”-shaped Love Knot Bangle Bracelet, 7.25″ with Easy Open Box Clasp. Alternative Color: AAA Grade Clear Cubic Zirconia. 35% off from $29.99 to $19.49 with Code MRJ2CK95 at
4. Black Friday Deal! Caperci 1ct Created Blue Sapphire Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia Infinity Necklace in Sterling Silver. Brilliant Sparkle, Alternative AAA Grade Clear CZ Center Stone. 30% off from $26.99 to $18.89 with code PZ8AMAR6 at
Here are some other social media places you can check out their items.
Caperci Jewelry

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Menvydia Cosmetics 24k Gold Mask Reviewed

Alert: It’s official folks, I am a mega fan of this 24k gold mask by Menvydia Cosmetics.
At first I was not sure if this was just a very expensive gimmick or what? After 5 days of testing I can honestly report that this is the real deal, there is a reason this is sold out.
The 24k mask which is chock full of pure active gold, caviar essence and collagen is supposed to be an intensive brightening mask that will add moisture while reducing dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Pores will be visibly minimized, skin illuminated, skin vibrant with a youthful glow. Pronounced results in 14 days.
How to use:
I used a brush to apply a thin layer of this golden goodness to my face. Let sit for an hour and wash off with your normal face wash. I suggest a very mild wash. Pat dry and marvel at how soft your face is.
Personal Experience:
Let me get this part out of the way. The box this came in was not attractive. At this price point I honestly expected more. It did not come with a brush or spatula to apply. This is my only complaints. Now the little gold ball it comes in is VERY nice. They got that part down. It looks great nestled next to my other skincare goodies, heck it might need it’s own shelf it is so pretty.
The product as you can see in my pics looks like melted down buttery gold. I could stare at it for days.
When applying it is very gel like in texture and very cooling. During the hour I had it on I did experience a little bit of itchiness but it was not anything I couldn’t handle. I rinsed it off and then washed my face and patted dry. My skin felt energized, refreshed, plumped and visibly brightened. I had a hard time not petting my skin all day. Now as I used it over the next few days I have witnessed more of a glow to my skin, skin appears lifted and a MAJOR reduction in pores and fine lines. It has been like waking up to a new face every day.
Final thoughts:
Yes the 89.00 price point is high. Yes I feel the packaging/presentation left a little bit to be desired. Highly effective and worth every penny! This product lives up to the hype and then some. I think this is a brand I will keep my eye on.
I am so thankful I got to discover and review this for free. If you would like opportunities like this to try exciting new on trend products for free please check out for more info.
Please also check out my YouTube channel for my first impressions video and I will also be posting a new video soon on my final thoughts. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe so you can be notified of future content.

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Elizavecca Hell Pore Perfect Wine Peeling Pad Review

I am going to say first off this is one interesting product. I had to go online to fully understand it and how it works. Here is some quick info:
1. These “peeling” pads and the serum are supposed to help “peel” or remove dead skin cells. After use you will visually see these dead skin cells on the pad and it is a eye opener! Yuck! I especially noticed troubled areas around corners of nose, chin and forehead. The website also suggests using on elbows and heels to remove dead skin cells there as well. It’s definitely a multi use product.
2. The pure cotton pad is without fluorescent substance so it is safe to use every day. The pad also has a softer side and a more ridged side, figure out what works best for you accordingly. Soft is my preferred mode but if you want more of a finished polish as the last step then use the embossed side of pad to finish up.
3. After application my skin does not feel as sticky as I thought it would. Skin feels soft and very full of moisture. I am not even sure if I need a lotion after application. I think this would be perfect to use at night as part of a quick get ready for bed routine. I did however ready that after using this product it is a great time to apply makeup since your skin is very shiny and primed but I did not try that. I will try that this weekend and update on how that goes.
4. The wine extract contains 5000 ppm. What does that mean? That means this product is chock full of polyphenols that not only moisturize skin but it also leaves it glossy and looking healthy. This means skin is cleansed and pores are contracted. Which is what we all want right?
5. This comes with 30 pads, sheets that are very convenient to use since you can stick your fingers in the little pocket and you are able to move the pad around very easily. This also came with a pair of Elizavecca tweezers that are really handy for removing the pads prior to use. I like this since I don’t have to dig around in the jar with my grubby hands lol!!!

Let’s not forget that this packaging is AMAZING!!!! I would honestly just buy this for the packaging if I had money to burn.

All in all this is a very interesting product and I look forward to using it more to see it’s benefits over time.

*I did receive this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All views and thoughts expressed are my own.

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Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control Review

I have been excited to try the Elizavecca Witch Piggy line of products for a while. There is just something about the amazing packaging and presentation that grabs me and lures me in.  I was not sure if this was more gimmick or was there actual quality in this brand?  I am here to tell you at least in my opinion I am pretty impressed.  This 97% Hyaluronic Acid Witch Piggy Hell Pore Control not only did what I hoped, it actually exceeded my expectations.
The consistency unlike other more watery serums is very rich and slick.  I like this because sometimes with more watery serums they absorb so fast it leaves me feeling like I did not have time to really get the product to other parts of my face.  This smoothes on my skin very nicely and absorbs not super fast  but not to slow either, it is just right. 
My skin feels nice and soft after application but I did feel I needed some additional moisture so I did apply a light daily  moisturizer and I was good to go for the day.  I did not experience any dryness, my skin felt plumped and hydrated all day long and I did not have to apply any other moisture to my face.  Also during the last several days of use I have noticed some larger pores on my nose area seem to be shrinking in size so I guess this Witch Piggy is doing it’s magic! 
Overall I highly recommend this product, it works very well and the price is just right!  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself or maybe share with friends for the holidays.

Elizavecca Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic acid Serum. Wrinkle Removal Pore Shrinkage Anti Aging

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